Answer to the problem of insufficient brightness of black paper printing color

Recently, someone raised the question: why the ink layer is not bright enough when the silver ink on black paper is overprinted with other colors. In this regard, the author has the following knowledge and views for reference.
The so-called "black paper" is a kind of special paper, and its surface gloss is generally not particularly bright. Therefore, if other colors of ink are printed on the silver background of offset printing, it is best to choose high gloss ink for printing and appropriate Increase the pressure of printing. In fact, the gloss of the offset printing ink refers to the ability of the ink on the surface of the printed matter to be concentrated in the same direction under the effect of light reflection conditions after the ink is dried by the oxidative conjunctiva. It is also the brightness of the ink layer after the surface of the substrate is dried. Reflect the results. According to the definition of ink terms in the national standard of the People's Republic of China: offset gloss ink (high gloss offset ink) refers to "offset ink with high gloss imprint". Therefore, the bright type offset printing ink has the gloss effect of different ordinary offset printing ink, the brightness of the printing ink layer is relatively higher, and the price will be higher.

In addition, in order to maintain the concentration of the ink, do not add diluents, debonding agents and other additives to the ink as much as possible, so as not to thin the ink, increase the fluidity, and reduce the adhesion and gloss. If the printing ink is too thick and difficult to flow and spread, it can be properly adjusted by adding varnish to dilute the adjustment, and the brightness of the printing ink layer will also increase significantly with the ink formulated with varnish.

If the printing area is relatively large, you can use the "second overprint process" for printing, that is, using the same color layout, through two overprints, to increase the thickness and gloss of the printing ink layer. If this effect is not satisfactory, you can also apply a layer of light white ink or diluent on the black paper surface, and then print the silver ink to make the silver ink printing more saturated, so that overprinting other colors, the brightness will be Significant improvement.

If the gloss of the paper is relatively poor, the printed ink layer can not be increased, you can consider using screen printing or relief printing process, because the printing ink layer of the silk screen and relief printing process is significantly thicker than the ink layer of the offset printing process. The ink layer has the significant advantage of higher brightness.

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Wall Theme Idea

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