What day-care angels wear?

The annual Victoria's Secret underwear show schedule, this season Victoria secret which angel you like most? In the angel's wings and underwear, in addition to good flesh, there are other blingbling jewelry to attract you? In fact, in addition to high price bras, supermodel who wear are very worth learning accessories too! 【Ice Angel Edelweiss】 The famous Edelweiss crystal was formally created to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Swarovski. The luxury Swarovski brand also adds sparkling elements and luxury frosty texture to the delicate Angel-Angel section. Models dotted with snow series piece pants, knee boots. Swarovski styling in the background against the bright dazzling. This is not the first collaboration between Vermeil and Swarovski. In 1899, the Edelweiss, the so-called "alpine flower" in the Alps, was used as a brand name to create the image of a historic crystal. "Pierres taillées du Tyrol ". This is also the best-known product ever created by the company. Was the European and American jewelry and fashion brand suppliers, but also the first Swarovski VIP customers, including the Queen Victoria, when she accepted the Paris fashion brand Worth crystal clothing is from Swarovski. In 2015, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show featured stunning Skywalk shapes such as Fireworks, Ice Angels, Exotic Butterflies, Portrait of an Angel with Swarovski Element ornament embellishment. 【In addition to crystal, what are the angels in the package? 】 Former angel of peace Alessandra Ambrosio Europe's most popular Italian luxury light-known leather brand COCCINELLE can be described as a favorite Arimas. Not long ago, her shoulders take COCCINELLE new autumn and winter Arlettis handbag appeared on the streets of New York, perfectly echoed her in Vital Care T stage that kind of chic and lovely goddess aura. As the season's flagship handbag, Arlettis to highlight golden semi-circular buckle detail, rich olive green and superior texture of suede promotion supermodel heart of a single product, showing gestures between the neutral elegance, add to the entire casual look Finishing touch. Balloon Bag (Balloon bag) is the LOUIS QUATORZE brand summer 2015 limited edition style, with fun silhouette and high-tech sense of tough material highlights the extreme trend of flu, is specifically for the brand advocacy group "Girls' Generation TTS" Specially designed cooperation models. Victoria supermodel He Sui red clothes with red balloons are great! Also a Victorian secret angel supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, she also love Pandora bags. This is a handbag designed by Givenchy Design Director Riccardo Tisci, whose name comes from the Pandora's Box in the Greek mythology: it is said that Pandora was the first woman alive in the world. Because of her curiosity, The gold box full of disasters and evils, but in the panic, put Athena's hope of saving humanity in the box. Because of Pandora's name and story, this handbag is full of mystery and charm, while the designer implies that Pandora is loaded with a handbag of happiness and beauty. Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon are Pandora loyal fans, more than once in the street shooting carrying it there. Original Source: http://luxury.msn.com.cn/jewelleryandwatch/jwshare/438931.shtml

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