Adjustment of wine bottle packaging production and sales strategy

The prohibition of the sale of various special liquors, coupled with the previous restrictions on the consumption of Sangong, under the influence of a series of events, in fact, the liquor industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. For liquor bottle manufacturers, the adjustment of the downstream market is unavoidably involved. How to reposition the sales strategy and production plan of the liquor bottle market has become a major problem for the current bottle manufacturer.

The shrinking and prohibition of the consumption of high-end wines and special-purpose wines will make the high-priced liquor space at the market low for some time in the future. The market for corresponding high-end liquor bottles will naturally be in a situation where demand continues to shrink. In particular, some wine packaging companies, such as special wines, should make adjustments as soon as possible. In addition to high-end entertainment consumption, liquor also has an important market in gifts, this market is relatively stable, as a gift packaging, liquor bottles also need to reflect a certain level, so some white material, high white material Bottles still have their own space in this market. It can be said that it is not that the high-end bottle market will be useless, or that there is room for its survival. Wine bottle companies still need to see this market feature when making adjustments. For the current liquor bottle companies, they should be more optimistic about the recovery of liquor in the self-drinking market. Liquor bottle packaging will focus more on practicality and pay attention to cost. Therefore, the low-end bottle packaging is the hope for the future, but also the wine bottle companies should focus on the direction of development.

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