Discarded packaging carton change furniture

China's Antarctic research station has two unusual trash cans. They are actually made of paper, but they have withstood the test of weather, frost, rain and snow in Antarctica. They are made by Shanghai Environmental Protection Products Co., Ltd. using environmentally-friendly composite panels processed from discarded boxes (mainly paper). The company also produces a wide range of furniture, but it is also a change from the packaging carton. Let's take a look at how the carton becomes furniture.

First, the workers put clean discarded boxes into the crusher at the crushing plant. Then, the crushed packing material is loaded into a mold, fed into a press, and pressed into a composite board under high temperature conditions, and then transported to a cooling machine for cooling, and a blank composite board is manufactured. According to the design of the furniture, the blank composite board is cut into different shapes and sizes with a cutting machine, and a composite board product is obtained. After bonding, beautiful and practical furniture is made. The furniture made of this composite panel does not need to be painted to maintain the natural color. At the same time, it does not contain formaldehyde, and it is truly green furniture.

Of course, this new technology has many important uses. At present, wood stencils used in municipal construction and power projects must be coated with asphalt before they can be used in the next operation. Moreover, more synthetic composite panels are used now, because the moisture-proof performance is not good and they are deformed after being used several times. The environmentally friendly composite panel is not afraid of water, and it is convenient to use asphalt without using asphalt. In addition, many countries in the world have strict packaging requirements for imported products and must use green packaging. The packaging of many products in China still adopts the traditional way of using wood boards as mats. The products with good results have been rejected outside the country because of the lack of transportation packages. With the new environmentally friendly composite panels, the problem can be solved. Its good moisture resistance makes it have a much longer service life than wood, and it will not be rotted anymore. It can play a good role in dampproofing the warehouse.

Environmentally friendly composite panels are successful examples of the reuse of waste using scientific methods. Gao Yimin

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