PAG Asia Equity Fund raised over US $ 1.7 billion in the first round (VC312)

On July 12, the Pacific Equity Group (Pacific Alliance Group, hereinafter referred to as "PAG") subordinated to Pacific Alliance Asia Capital's Asian equity merger and acquisition investment fund completed the first round of fundraising, its investors subscribed capital of more than 1.7 billion US dollars.
The fund officially launched financing in November 2010, with a target of $ 2.5 billion. After the first round of fundraising is completed, the entire financing plan of US $ 2.5 billion will be completed in the next few months.
"Our investors include sovereign wealth funds, public and corporate pension systems, and financial institutions, many of whom are familiar with the Asian market and have extensive successful experience in direct investment and investment through equity funds." Chairman and Chairman of PAG CEO Shan Weijian said.
The team of Taimeng Asia Capital has also established a lot of investment project reserves while financing. So far, the team has signed an investment of more than 700 million U.S. dollars. The industries covered by the investment projects include retail, insurance, hotels, and entertainment. The investment markets include China and its surrounding areas.
PAG was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a multi-type investment management company in Asia. The funds it manages include equity investment funds, hedge funds, special funds and real estate investment funds. The current capital under management is more than 7 billion US dollars. Currently has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and other places.
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