About the overall wardrobe production process and process

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] It is mentioned that the production process of the whole wardrobe is very simple in many people's eyes. The three-step integrated material cutting, edge sealing and punching are all used for cutting saws, edge banding machines and row drilling. In a complete sense, the overall wardrobe production process consists of many steps and steps, from the preparation of raw materials, through woodworking, paint finishing to final product packaging.

The structural points are nothing more than the 32 series disassembly and assembly joints. In fact, the overall wardrobe production process is much more complicated than these. It is also a piece of plate, some can be completed in one or two processes, and some are even dozens or even Dozens of processes can be completed. For example, the bottom plate of the drawer can be opened as long as it is opened, and the structure of a relatively complicated floor panel is honeycomb hollow, veneer, solid wood edged and edged, and glass is embedded on it. The processing of a single panel requires more than twenty processes to complete, so the complexity of the plate process is closely related to the product design, product structure, materials and the number of types of products on the production line. The more factors involved, the more factors involved. The more complicated it is.

The main components of the plate production process: raw materials, process documents, machinery and equipment, operators and the corresponding quality and production management systems. The on-time delivery of raw materials is the premise and basis of the entire process, while the process documentation is the basis for the entire process and management activities, and the process documentation should be comprehensive and detailed. The overall wardrobe process documents are: renderings, three views, exploded parts, parts processing drawings, hardware accessories list, packaging plan, installation diagram, raw material list (BOM), parts processing process sheet, product manual . The parts processing drawing should be combined with the parts processing process table and run synchronously with the parts and components on the production line. The main contents of the parts processing flow table should cover the basic contents such as name, specification, quantity, materials, batch, processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, processes and serial numbers. Machine equipment and operators are processing guarantees.

The main production process of the whole wardrobe: the overall wardrobe has different process flow due to different surface materials and surface decoration effects. The main representative categories are: veneer whole wardrobe, sticker whole wardrobe, solid color whole wardrobe, melamine whole wardrobe And a composite wardrobe of a mixed category consisting of two or more of the above categories.

The above-mentioned several types of overall wardrobe process flow is the basic process, and there are some special ones, such as curved plate thickness. In the actual operation process, because of the cost and other factors, usually you will have me, I have you, it is worth mentioning that with the wide application of the honeycomb core, the overall wardrobe processing technology will be more complicated.

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