Plastic Film Recycling Guide

The film has a wide variety of plastic products, and its service life is generally short. It is one of the main types of recycled and recycled products.

Agricultural film: mainly plastic film and shed film, plastic film is mainly PE film, PE, PE/EVA, and PVC film are used in the shed film. When recycled and recycled, PE film and PVC film should be separated. Agricultural film is generally dirty. And often with dirt, sand, grass roots, nails, iron wire, etc., to remove iron impurities and cleaning, recycling method is mainly granulation, if there is manual sorting, cleaning conditions, after cleaning, after drying Waste film can be directly used to produce plastic products with hot extrusion methods, such as pots, buckets, plastic flanges and so on.

The use of recycled agricultural film pellets is as follows:

1.PE regeneration pellets, PE renewable pellets can be used to produce agricultural film, can also be used to make fertilizer packaging bags, garbage bags, agricultural reclaimed water pipes, fences, tree supports, basins, barrels, garbage cans, geotextile materials.

2. PVC recycled pellets, PVC recycled pellets can be used to produce heavy bags, agricultural water pipes, shoe soles and so on.

Packaging film: Packaging film materials include cellophane, PE, PVC, PP, EVA, PVDC, PA, PET and various composite films. The single-layer packaging film of a material, after being sorted and washed, can be directly made into a plastic product like a farm film or granulated and made into various products. Composite films include composite films of different plastics and films made of plastics and paper, aluminum foil, and other materials. Recycling after recycling is more complicated such as:

Multi-layer plastic composite film, multi-layer plastic composite film PE/PP, PE/EVA/PE, PE/adhesive/PA/adhesive/PE, PP/PVDC, etc. The material is separated. Solvent separation can be used.

Paper-plastic composite film: Paper-plastic composite film needs to be separated from paper and plastic prior to recycling. This is also a paper-plastic composite separation method. The separation equipment is a chrome-plated hollow cylinder with electric heating. The cylinder is equipped with a blade. The hollow cylinder, the cylinder and the hollow cylinder rotate in opposite directions. The broken paper-plastic mixture is added to the cylinder. The plastic on the heated mixture in the cylinder is melted and discharged into the lower part of the cylinder. The air in the hollow cylinder is Take away the exhaust gas.

Aluminum-plastic composite film: aluminum-plastic composite film is BOPP / aluminum, PE / aluminum, etc., used for a variety of food packaging, after the use of aluminum-plastic composite soft packaging bag is actually a mixed waste, recycling is more difficult. The method of treatment abroad mainly recovers heat from incineration. China has a method of burning aluminum and crushing and adding fillers to make low-grade crude products. The effect is not ideal. Here is an example of the use of aluminum conductivity, manufacturing antistatic functional materials, the process is as follows:

Aluminum-plastic composite waste - washing - crushing - sifting - pellets - aluminum powder - additives - extrusion - semi-finished products - extrusion - finished products

The aluminum-plastic composite scrap is cleaned, crushed and screened on a 10-day sieve, and the pellets are further pelletized. The pelletizing process can be used. The granulation process conditions were water spray: 0.8 liters of water at 95 degrees, feeding time: 3 minutes; evacuation time was 5 minutes, and the grinding time was 10 minutes, 15 kilograms per treatment. The pellets are then extruded using an extruder to form a semi-finished product. This semi-finished product is then added to 20% aluminum powder, flame retardant, compatibilizer and other additives. The product can then be obtained by extrusion granulation. For conductive materials.

3.PET film, in the plastics industry, PET is mainly used as film and bottle, and the film can be used as packaging, decoration, tape-based or capacitor insulation, PET film is also used as a film base, PET is also used for fiber, film and The physical viscosity of PET for fiber is higher than PET PET for bottles. Therefore, there are also slight differences in recycling.

The scrap produced by PET film and fiber production plants can be used to wait for polyester/epoxy powder coatings. Generally, these scraps have a relative molecular weight of about 20,000 and a melting point of 260°C or more. For a single linear PET, this will be the case. The scraps are alcoholylated with polyols at 250 to 260 degrees to obtain low melting point oligomeric polyesters with a molecular weight of about 2000 to 5000. The oligomerized polyester is polycondensed at 200 to 220 degrees with dibasic anhydride and an esterifying agent to give a product with an acid value of about 3.05 mg KOH/g, a softening point of about 85 to 105 degrees, and a glass transition temperature of 50 degrees or less. This product is used to make Polyester/epoxy powder coating.

PET industrial waste can also be used as an adhesive. Japan's Osaka City Industrial Research Institute and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. reacted with PET industrial waste and glycerin to make adhesives for metal bonding. PET industrial waste modified with adipic acid or ethylene glycol, can also be made of hot melt adhesives for flexible materials, such as cloth, leather, paper, plastic, aluminum and other bonding.

Waste PET film, sheet or fiber plus propylene glycol, styrene, glycerol, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, hydroquinone and catalyst reaction can produce unsaturated polyester, used to make artificial marble . The recycling method of used PET film can also refer to the recycling method of PET bottles.

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