British scientists invent new contact lenses to help restore vision

According to the Russian "RIDUS" news network, scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK have discovered a new method to restore vision. They believe that the newly invented contact lenses can help people restore their vision quickly, easily and naturally.

It is reported that the most common visual impairment is corneal damage, and the causes of corneal damage include surgical scars, infections, hereditary corneal defects and chronic dry ophthalmia. The new contact lenses developed by the scientists are coated with a layer of stem cells. These cells will spread on the human cornea and begin to repair the cornea to restore normal vision.

Scientists say that this method of treating vision can help millions of people restore normal vision. At present, the first batch of new contact lenses are being tested in India, where the visual health of residents is often threatened by other factors such as chemical pollution and infections.

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