Easy to use cans

Cans of beverages can't be finished for a while. Because it cannot be sealed. It is very inconvenient for consumers, especially tourists. In view of this situation. A company in Japan invented a can of multiple-use cans to facilitate the lid. This cover is concave. The wall has a back slot edge. It can guarantee strict cover. Drinks do not leak. Not even gasification. Shaking or dumping does not spill. The product does not have a can opener. It is very convenient to use.

Made of rugged ABS material for durability, the hard side spinner luggage set makes the perfect travel companions. Each suitcase features four 360 degree spinner wheels, conveniently allowing zero weight movement in all directions. The lightweight push button locking handle system, lined interior and interior zippered divider with pockets and mesh zip pocket keep your luggage safe and protected. An additional interior zip pocket an elastic tie-belt make travel even easier. Each suitcase expands for extra packing capacity within your luggage.

ABS Luggage

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