Gear adjustment printing slot machine

The gear adjustment type printing slotting machine is provided with a planetary gear train adjustment mechanism, and the main structure includes a plate roller, an indentation design, and a groove design. A circumferential adjustment mechanism, such as a planetary gear train circumferential adjustment mechanism, is disposed on a drive shaft of a plate roller, an indent roller, and a grooved roller, including an adjustment gear shaft fixed on the frame, and an adjustment gear fixed on the adjustment gear shaft. Planetary gears meshing with the adjustment gears are provided with planetary gears, sun gears, combination sun gears and planetary gear shafts on both sides of the planetary gears, and there is a certain difference in the number of teeth of the sun gear. This type of printing slotting machine is The planetary gear train adjustment mechanism is provided, which makes the transmission structure simpler, the transmission is quiet, the processing and installation are convenient, the transmission error is small, the service life is long, and adjustment and maintenance are convenient.

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