How about Galanz electric cooker? Is the Galanz electric cooker good?

How about Galanz electric cooker ? Galanz is one of domestic appliance brand leader since Cooker Galanz products appear, by virtue of its high quality guaranteed, plus affordable in the industry, so they are widely recognized by consumers, the sales volume has been good, So, is the Galanz electric cooker good? If you want to buy a Galanz electric cooker , let's take a look at the footsteps of the decoration home decoration network.

Is the Galanz electric cooker good?


1 , the versatility of Galanz electric cooker:

(1) Deep-fried: When frying food, 2100W , 1600W , and 1300W can be used .


(2) steam: Up to 20 layers can be simultaneously distilled off steamed buns, first open 2100W power, add water about 3Kg, to the first deposited layer 5, each steamed 10, when the steam out of the top, turn off the power switch 800W, left 1300W power, steaming for 20 minutes, only consumes 0.9 degrees.

(3) stew: rapid rice to first open 2100W power, the power is reduced to 800W boiling water, about 5 minutes after boiling off, use of waste heat to simmer for 20 minutes.

(4) Cooking: When cooking dumplings , use a layer of empty steaming grid on the pot. In order to prevent the boiling water from overflowing, first turn on the power 2100W , boil the water, then pour the dumplings, turn it over, cover the lid, cook the pot, cook 3-5 minutes.


(5) Fried: When cooking, when emergency hot fried with 2100W, with 500W, 800W, 1300W, 1600W when simmered cooking can be.


(6) Branding: When using a pancake, preheat it with 2100W for 1-2 minutes, then reduce it to 800W .


(7) 涮: All open the switch, can be used for 8-10 people.


2 , Galanz electric cooker energy-saving and environmental protection: heating materials sneak into the cast iron hob, so that the full use of thermal energy .


3 , Galanz electric hot pot safety and environmental protection: with multiple security protection, CCC certification by the state mandatory safety , smokeless, no fire, no electromagnetic waves, no microwave radiation, no impact on pregnant women, infants and young children .

4 , Galanz electric cooker electricity safety : high temperature dry burning, high temperature automatic power off protection.


5 , Galanz electric cooker's durability: the heating material is embedded in the hob with high technology, the heating material is completely isolated from the air and durable.


6 , Galanz electric cooker returns to nature: the combination of tradition and technology, the furnace itself is hot. The pan is heated to ensure the natural color of the food.

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