New market development printing companies will enter the smart package

Guide: Smart packaging is to add more relevant information to the existing packaging technology. At present, China's printing companies have entered the smart packaging, but now it is only the tip of the iceberg of smart packaging.

The so-called smart packaging is to add more relevant information on the existing packaging technology, and can be read by the current advanced smart phones, the Internet, and the Internet of Things, so that the packaging has a larger information capacity and is available to consumers. It is said that more transparent product information has been obtained and more choices have been made; for producers, smart packaging is undoubtedly a large-capacity platform that directly meets consumers. At the same time, smart packaging will also achieve a qualitative breakthrough in commodity anti-counterfeiting technology.

At present, China's printing enterprises are still in their infancy in the field of smart packaging. There are still few experiences in forming processes and molding. There are still a lot of articles to be done in the field of smart packaging. First, when the printing companies enter the smart packaging, the necessary problem to consider is the transformation of hardware and software technology. This requires a detailed economic input and output and economic benefits and capital recovery.

Into smart packaging to master RFID technology. RFID electronic tags are actually the edge products between the printing and microelectronics industries. Therefore, in the production process of RFID electronic tags, printing companies must implant RFID chips in the original label printing process, and also carry out data on RFID chips. Input, this is a step across the traditional printing industry. At the same time, RFID electronic tags will also be a small investment in the use process, which is a bottleneck in the promotion of RFID electronic tags in China.

The application of variable data barcodes has now begun to be gradually promoted. The key is that printing companies must invest in a digital printing machine for variable data barcode printing. Printing companies and trademark companies must simultaneously collect variable data barcode data. And the input terminal, at the same time to establish a corresponding database on the Internet in order to store, proofread the data, and quickly give the consumer authenticity.

Everyone is already familiar with ordinary two-dimensional barcodes. The multi-color offset press and flexo press we are using now can correctly complete the bar code printing task. In the use of two-dimensional barcodes, the key is to establish an Internet database. The information of the database is basically created by commodity manufacturers or sales outlets. The main job of the printing enterprise is to ensure the accuracy of the printing of the two-dimensional code and avoid misunderstanding. Make sure that retailers and consumers can get the correct information by scanning and uploading the QR code.

Smart packaging is quietly coming to us. At present, the printing of variable data barcode anti-counterfeit trademarks has been settled in the strong printing and printing areas of China's Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. RFID electronic labels have also entered the actual production stage. The printing technology of QR codes has begun to support related industries such as food and medicine. .

Although China's printing companies have entered the smart packaging, but now is only the tip of the iceberg of smart packaging, with the rapid development of edge science such as network, microelectronics technology, computer technology, digital printing technology, printing, etc., the future smart packaging will be the traditional The printing industry provides a larger and broader market. Opportunities are everywhere. It depends on how to explore and develop.


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