How to choose the wardrobe door panel selection skills for the overall wardrobe door panel

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] What is a good overall wardrobe , the overall wardrobe door is very important! Many people often ignore the door panel when purchasing the whole wardrobe. As the home of our love clothes, the overall wardrobe door panels need to be carefully selected, so how to choose the overall wardrobe door panel? What are the selection techniques for the wardrobe door panel? Let us know how to choose the whole wardrobe door panel.

How to choose the whole wardrobe door panel

The first step: the overall wardrobe door frame material and door panel thickness are particular

At present, the frame materials used in the wardrobe doors on the market mainly include carbon steel materials and aluminum-titanium alloy materials, among which the aluminum-titanium alloy materials are the most durable and durable; the thickness of the overall wardrobe closet door is another point of attention, the wooden board for sliding doors, the most It is good to choose 10mm or 12mm thick plate, which is stable and durable when used. The thickness is less than 8mm, it will appear thin and light; the door plate with thickness less than 6mm is easily deformed and it is difficult to meet the requirements of normal use.

If the frame material of the cabinet door is too thin, the quality is not closed, or because the sheet expands and contracts, the gravity of the glass hangs down, and after repeated push-pull, the cabinet door itself will also be deformed. The quality of the aluminum-titanium package should be relatively reliable. The same fiberglass pulley is also a guarantee for long-term use.

Wardrobe door panel

The second step: the overall wardrobe door weight bearing key, small pulley can not be underestimated

The pulley is the smallest but most important hardware component of the sliding door. There are three kinds of pulleys on the market: plastic pulleys, metal pulleys and fiberglass pulleys. The plastic pulley is hard, but it is easy to be broken. It will become awkward and hard when used for a long time, and the push-pull feeling becomes very poor. The metal pulley is strong, but it is easy to generate noise when it comes into contact with the rail. The fiberglass pulley has the toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding and durability, and is the best pulley material available today.

The third step: the overall wardrobe door rail track is critical to the critical track.

The quality of the track depends on the fact that it must have a curvature that can be matched with the pulley. It should be reminded that the good track is excellent in the strength design and the smoothness of the contact surface with the pulley, not the thicker the track wall, the better. At present, the track of the sliding door has two types of cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track. Rails are not always good. It should be said that good aluminum rails are superior to rails in some respects, especially in terms of noise immunity.

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