Reconsideration of Humanistic Thought in Packaging Design

Abstract: In the process of modernization, it is extremely important to constantly inject humanistic ideas into the new concept of a big design concept. Design with deep thinking is a valuable design, the concept needs ideal guidance, and the concept of the overall system not only depends on having Local changes in development awareness and breakthroughs accumulate, but also need the support of humanistic ideas.

Keywords: packaging design; humanistic thought

The promotion of humanistic spirit is a problem to be addressed in any contemporary category. Packaging design is no exception. The highly advanced development of modern science and technology enables people to have the tremendous ability to use, transform, and conquer nature. Modern science has created a highly developed material civilization and incomparable Rich material products, but also to some extent evoked the "evil" aspect of human nature, leading to materialism, money supremacy, moral decay, value collapse, severe suppression, distortion, dismemberment of human nature, suffocation, suffocation, It is imperative that the rise of the ideological trend of humanistic scholasticism is swallowed up by consuming people's hearts, making people narrow, selfish, cruel, one-sided, mechanical, and boring. The trend of modern science and technology and scientific humanism that objectively depresses the spirit is increasing unabated. If there is a lack of humanistic spirit in the design, philosophy has been completely rejected, and human beings have also been excluded from the study of the extremely rich and colorful life and the spiritual world. Is opposed to the world and the ultimate existence of life and the pursuit of value is stopped, ignoring the spiritual needs of man as a social existence. Raising the humanistic spiritual civilization in a certain sense can be regarded as the fundamental meaning of human beings, the eternal theme of the construction of human spiritual civilization, and the bright beacon that guides the continuous advancement of human ideology and culture.

Aristotle is both a philosopher and a scientist. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo is a well-known master of art, but at the same time they are scientists and inventors. The designers of the new era should learn to be good at combining science with art. The experimental and analytical methods of science and technology greatly expand the horizons of designers, free their design activities from the closedness and solidification of the handicraft era, and reconstruct The analysis of the paradigm of linguistic signs on the form, color, line, the production process, the materials, the structure, the innovation and scientific principles, and other understanding and attempts are based on the design concept of humanism as the main line of the foundation.

The humanities include culture, philosophy, anthropology, logic, ethics, psychology, sociology, aesthetics, music and other categories. As a service and human product packaging design elements must involve humanities, it is like a rain The heart of the designer, while creating material products for mankind, is more importantly engaged in a spiritual activity. Packaging not only creates added value, but more importantly, it generates a cultural appeal and deterrent force, and enhances consumer awareness. While understanding the brand image of a commodity, we further recognize the national, regional and national traditional culture of production, corporate culture, philosophical thinking, logical reasoning, aesthetic characteristics, consumer psychology and other aspects of awareness, packaging is not only a marketing tool for the product, but also The business ethos of the company conveys more and higher cultural information. The high quality of the designer's overall quality and the design of high-quality packaging products are also key to speeding up the marketing of goods.

1 Cultural Philosophy

Any country has its own culture and customs. If you do not understand the cultural characteristics of the nation and geographical disparities, do not carry out philosophical in-depth thinking, do not study the people's psychology, human sociology, little knowledge, and are completely ignorant about literature and are not sure of selling points. , It can be imagined that the goods are difficult to sell well and cannot be established in a fiercely competitive market. Both the human culture, the world culture, and the Chinese culture are all cultural forms in the macro overall, how to analyze cultures, understand cultures, find the key to unlocking different cultural phenomena, and find a controlling factor of cultural construction such as genes, to culture Structural analysis not only classifies culture into interdependent and interactive material cultures, institutional cultures, and spiritual cultures. Except for the differences in cultural systems, the prevailing differences are cultural differences among different stratums in the same cultural system. Persuasive works, in addition to reading functions, are more important for the interpretation of cultural connotations of cultural debates of natural sciences and social sciences. From the industrial revolution to the post-industrial revolution, the dialogue of the spiritual essence, the digitalization of human existence, the integration of the global economy make the cross-cultural communication unprecedented, the focus of cross-cultural communication is "misreading", the so-called "misreading" is people and When he is engaged in cultural contact, it is difficult to get rid of the traditional way of thinking of his own culture, and he often understands others according to what he is familiar with. When people understand his culture, he first chooses and cuts it according to his habitual mode of thinking. Interpretation will lead to “misreading”. “Misreading” is a strange cognitive wizard that both causes disaster and activates creation. It can lead to separation and divorce. However, people's "misreading" of humanities and works of art will activate imagination and inspiration, and may lead to creative drivers, but if the "misreading" of commodity packaging, it will cause great trouble and economic losses. Transnationality and cross-territoriality, especially after China's accession to the WTO, increased foreign trade volume and frequent exchanges, it requires designers to understand the cultural characteristics of other countries. Both graphics and text must explain the product quality and cultural background to some extent. , material properties and performance.

When it comes to philosophy, the main trend of humanism in Western philosophy and aesthetics schools has made great efforts to obtain the proper site and position for the human spirit in all aspects. It is based on mathematical logic and subjective experience. According to the modern scientific rationality, we make uncritical criticisms. For example, Croce, Freud, Jung and others all pay attention to human emotions and life forms; Husserl, Heidegger, and other theoretical contributions to traditional science and logic Rational attacks and breakthroughs are the discovery and promotion of the non-scientific, non-logical, and irrational aspects of the human spiritual realm. They are also a modern development made by the traditional humanistic spirit and a critique of modern epistemology based on mathematical science. To find the foundation of their own understanding and methodologies for philosophy and humanities, the humanities must be "scientific" to compete with the natural sciences, and must not lack its own epistemology and methodological basis. The modern Descartes and Kant philosophy is basically based on mathematics, physics, etc. Based on the epistemology of natural science, Voltaire put forward the corresponding concept while dividing the world into two parts: natural and historical humanities. Two sciences; natural science and spiritual science, advocated that the scope of epistemology "expanded" to other areas of human culture, attached importance to epistemological functions such as language, mythology, religion, and artistic intuition, and found independent epistemology and methodology different from scientism. It helps to make the humanities truly enter the hall of science and become the science that goes hand in hand with the natural sciences. The design has both scientific and rational rigorousness and artistic romance. It combines the essence of Western culture with the grandness of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese ideology and culture has a deep tradition of humanistic spirit since ancient times, but it is different from the West’s emphasis on the natural sciences and the spirit of natural science. China has valued people’s own spiritual activities and experience of human life since ancient times, emphasizing the humanistic spirit. In accordance with the principle of Confucianism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism all advocate the concept of “harmony between man and nature”. It is believed that nature and human beings are inherently inseparable unity. The world is in harmony with human nature and human life activities. The methods of survival are closely related to each other, and they are in harmony with each other. They pursue and experience a kind of realm of life and state of mind that are in harmony with nature. They care about life, human affairs, and value the inner spiritual realm.

For example, Taoism in the pre-Qin period tends to be in harmony with the people; Lao-tzu advocates “the way of the humans, the land of the heavens, the ways of the heavens, and the nature of the Taoism.” Zhuang Zi advocates nature and nature, and provides cultivation methods such as “sit-forgetfulness and heart-fastness”. To transcend the difference with nature; Confucius' "ritual study" advocated that "Ke has been restored", and the goal is to make "Heaven in humanity" fully realized. Mencius advocated "self-cultivation and consummation" to achieve the purpose of "knowing the heavens" and "everyday." China's human-dominated elements are dominant and have a clear ethical tendency. Since the development of history, the development of humanistic ideology has continued to improve. As the market economy system accelerates toward modernization, it will be a great historical progress for China’s development, including cultural development, in the long run. In terms of institutional nature, the market economy also has a negative impact on the construction of spiritual culture, and some chase high profits and high prices. The phenomena of added value are constantly appearing, over-packaging, packaging with toxic and hazardous materials, causing harm to society and humanity, only focusing on immediate interests, losing social responsibility and public ethics, which in a sense is also the loss of the humanistic spirit and crisis.

2 Aesthetic characteristics

Packaging design needs correct aesthetics, and the relationship between aesthetics and human spirit is that humanistic spirit is the soul of aesthetics, and design is to study the needs of people for the function of the product and the need for beauty. The United States has never been a concept of purely objective properties that is not related to people. It is connected with people from time to time. People create beauty. In addition to functions, packaging design is also one of the elements. If packaging does not bring beauty Enjoy, then this product will lose its due value. People will always use their own practical activities to realize their own essential forces in objective reality. Beauty is the object of human nature, and aesthetics is a typical person. Learning is a discipline that runs through the humanistic spirit, but it is necessary to eliminate the generalization of aesthetics in the market economy. The generalization of aesthetics not only reduces the aesthetic style and taste, but also draws away the soul of the humanistic spirit of aesthetics, leaving aesthetics only The appearance of "objects" has been turned around, but it has forgotten the essential forces of people, human nature, and human beings behind the objects, and has forgotten the humanistic spirit. This realization has abolished aesthetics itself. In any ethnic group and era, its highest level and dominant tendency are always the most concentrated expression of the depth and breadth of the aesthetics and humanistic spirit of the era, and emphasis is placed on practical aesthetics because it runs through a clearer and more complete humanistic spirit, and less one-sidedness. However, it has absorbed more reasonable factors from other schools. Design aesthetics must go beyond the utilitarian purpose of commercialization, fully promote the humanistic spirit, and make the goods not vulgar. The use of aesthetics should not be a pleasure to the senses, so we can use mystery to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality spiritual intrinsic content both inside and outside the product. Marlos believes that aesthetic activity is based on the realization of a certain level of cognitive activity. It is also a perceptual form of emotional activity that contains and accumulates rational cognitive factors. It is not a straightforward visual and intuitive, but requires a certain degree of understanding and cultural level. premise. Aesthetics is a necessary higher level in the common structure of human history, and it is a higher level of human universal needs. It is a universal psychological feature of human beings. It is the common emotional experience of human beings. It is necessary to combine the aesthetic demands of consumers with the objects of beauty.

Contemporary packaging design should find the right point between science and humanities, from simple basic functional requirements to a profound humanistic thought, give consumers some humanistic care, and make products and packaging work better together. The broadness and depth of culture, the concept of big design should surpass the superficial, sensational, empirical and realistic creative activities to free human aesthetic consciousness from the narrow limits of daily experience, and experience the eternal life of the universe in the age of high-tech information. , Combining "the practice of recessive structure of liberal structural theory" with "the practice of explicit structure of empirical understanding" to create an environment that can meet the dual needs of human spirit and material.

Source: “Packaging Engineering” Wu Dan (Associate Professor, International Art School, Dalian University of Foreign Languages)

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