What is the difference between a trademark and a decor?

The decoration of goods, that is, the decoration on the packaging of goods, refers to the attachments or packages of goods decorated, beautified, and advertised with patterns, paintings, colors, or vivid words. It can be seen that the purpose of decorating is to beautify the goods, and to cause beauty and desire.

Trademarks and merchandise decorations serve as a commodity at the same time. Sometimes the trademark logo and decoration are integrated into one, such as "Coca-Cola" trademark and double as a product decoration.

The fundamental difference between trademark and product decoration is:

(1) Stability requirements for pattern design Different trademarks are proprietary and have absolute exclusivity, so their design should maintain its stability and should not be changed without authorization; while decoration is not exclusive, it can be based on market demand , change or adjust at any time.
(2) The purpose of use is different. The use of trademarks is to identify products; the purpose of using decor is to beautify the products.
(3) The trademark of the product can not be the same as the content of the product. For example, the name of the fruit cannot be used as the canned fruit brand; but the decoration of the product is often consistent with the content of the product. If the decoration is peach, the canned food It is peach and not the other.

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