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For friends who like to travel by car, this GPS called Montana 650 from Garmin is the best travel equipment. It can be used as a car GPS, but also as a handheld GPS, when you drive to the destination After that, you can take Montana650 to find the sights you want to visit. Let's learn about it together below!

Montana 650 uses the traditional shape of the handheld, combined with 4-inch touch screen, with strong light visual effects, even in the glare of the sun, you can still clearly see the contents of the screen display, for the user in the outdoor environment is very user-friendly . It is also resistant to cold, heat, slip, drop, and water, and it can comfortably handle a variety of harsh environments.

The Montana 650 provides two ways to power the machine, either using a lithium battery or using three AA batteries. As long as you have enough batteries, you can fully guarantee the life of the Montana 650.

Montana 650 has a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver chip, which is fast and accurate. Especially when the donkey is in the mountains, Montana 650 can quickly and accurately search for satellites to ensure that ALICE always finds its place. Montana650 pre-installed electronic map of China mainland, enter the name of the destination you can go to where you want to go, and through the point of interest to find the nearest hotel, shopping malls, toilets and other places, so that you can also know the surrounding in a strange place .

Montana 650 can record 4,000 waypoints, 200 routes, 10,000 track points, and can use the ANT+ protocol to wirelessly transmit routes, waypoints, and trajectories to other compatible machines.

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