The latest video conferencing system purchase specification

Video frequency conference system purchase specification

Regulation 1: when 24k extremely low network traffic, the sound is still circulating, to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting

To ensure that the video conference is easy to use, the most basic requirement is sound circulation, so that the conference can be held smoothly. However, many video conferences on the market today cannot even meet the most basic needs, which directly affects the role of conferences.

Specification 2: 9 kinds of resolutions appear, intelligent circulation skills, build conference site

Wang Wenshengyi, one of the keywords of video conference is "video", that is, the participants can choose the appropriate resolution according to their needs, and ensure a real circulation of visual effects.

Specification 3: 20KB audio and video streaming, ordinary home network is enough

The video conferencing systems on the market usually have high requirements for the network, and the network is slightly unstable. It simply shows the situation of intermittent sounds and picture cards. Perhaps only video conferencing will occupy most of the bandwidth, and the foundation cannot do it. Other work. The user has to equip a very good network and add costs.

Regulation 4: 2 networks in 1, interconnection between the north and the south, quickly enter the conference status

Because there are two major network operators in China (Nantong Telecom and North China Unicom), users who are on two different networks will be hindered when they communicate with each other, which will delay the presentation of audio and video and make it difficult to connect to the same conference room.

Rule 5: 3 minutes of full control, extremely simple operation

At present, many video conference systems are too cluttered, usually people are unable to operate, and each person needs to be debugged by a person. The most painful thing is that because of the operation errors, the questions are repeatedly presented, either the files cannot be shared or the video cannot be transmitted ... the conference power is low.

Specification 6: 3 big people, 4 big functions, make video conference efficient and vivid

In order to maintain a high-efficiency status in a meeting, it is necessary to properly manage and control it, and to be able to freely display various documents and files related to the meeting.

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