The way to buy a wardrobe: buy a separate wardrobe

Custom cabinets and cabinet doors can be customized in different brands. Considering the door style, cabinet price and quality, some consumers choose to customize separately, and this will become the cause of some disputes in the future. So, so most businesses recommend that consumers try to customize the door and cabinet in the same brand, so that even if there is a problem, after-sales service will be more secure.

If the cabinet and the cabinet door are customized at home, you can enjoy after-sales service for five years. If you do not want the cabinet door, you will not promise any warranty to minimize the risk. If the consumer really wants to buy the cabinet door separately, how do you clear the responsibility when you buy it?

Design: can not be opened with improper pulling parts

Problem: The cabinet and the cabinet door are separately assembled, but it is found that the drawers such as individual drawers and baskets cannot be opened, or some cells are always blocked by the door leaf, and it is very inconvenient to take the clothes.

Reason: Experts said that this is mainly done before the cabinet and the cabinet door are not coordinated and matched. For example, a closet is a three-group cabinet that is divided into equal spaces, and the middle set has several drawers. The consumer happens to select a two-door sliding door. After the installation is complete, the middle set of drawers will never open, and this is only the simplest mismatch. The bigger the cabinet and the more components, the more serious the problem. This kind of problem mostly occurs on the sliding door. Although it is not a big problem, if the consumer is not aware of it beforehand and encounters an irresponsible business, the problem may be very serious. Because when the cabinet door and the cabinet are customized and produced at the same time, neither of the two merchants will be responsible for this problem.

The solution: If the cabinet has been completed, the designer of the cabinet must know the layout and size of the cabinet and design the cabinet door reasonably. If it is custom-made for the same period, it is best to lead the cabinet by the cabinet door. Because the cabinet door is an ornament in addition to the practical function, the consumer attaches great importance to its style and color, so it can select and finalize the specific style of the cabinet door. After the number and size of the door fans, the layout of the cabinet is rationally designed.

Use: Who has changed the door and cabinet?

Question: Who is responsible if the cabinet door and cabinet are deformed?

Reason: The problem of the panel and hardware of the cabinet will lead to the deformation of the cabinet, and the deformation of the cabinet will easily deform the cabinet door; in addition, the material of the frame of the cabinet door is too thin, the quality is not enough, or because of the plate The thermal expansion and contraction, the gravity of the glass droop, and after repeated push-pull, the door itself will also be deformed. If this happens simultaneously with the deformation of the cabinet, it is difficult to define the responsibility.

The solution: the enterprise "infinite" to meet the consumer's requirements for the width of the cabinet cell, drawers and other drawers, but this is one of the culprit of cabinet deformation. The width of the internal cell of the regular manufacturer cabinet and the size of the drawer are all specified, generally not more than 72 cm. In addition, the unevenness of the cabinet may also be deformed, so the back panel of the cabinet is essential. According to the weight of daily storage clothes, in general, the thickness of the back plate can reach 5mm. If it is too thin, it can not support, balance and increase the stability of the cabinet; from the door, try not to choose The glass sliding door with too much weight is used as the cabinet door. In addition, the alloy material of the door frame should reach a certain thickness. If it is too thin, it will not play a supporting role. If the height of the door exceeds 2.4 meters, generally, it is divided into several sections, and the waist line is set on the door. It is more secure to share the weight. Therefore, if the cabinet door cabinet is purchased separately, the consumer needs to be checked in both directions to ensure that the cabinet and the cabinet door are both qualified products, and the probability of deformation can be greatly reduced.

Environmental protection: Who is responsible for exceeding the standard when the combination is completed?

Problem: The doors and cabinets of different manufacturers are environmentally-friendly, and the installations are tested and exceeded the standards. Both of them have produced test reports, and no one is responsible for environmental protection.

The solution: This involves the issue of environmental protection superposition, that is, the environmental protection of the two products has just reached the standard, and it may exceed the standard when it is put together. It is recommended that consumers purchase products with the smallest amount of formaldehyde emission when the economy allows. Consumers can request to view inspection reports, but Sofia's wardrobe sales manager Xiao Pei reminds consumers that environmental testing is divided into sampling and inspection. Consumers should pay attention to distinguishing when checking the test report of the merchant. If it is a report for inspection, there will be a word like “Detection is only responsible for sending samples”, only the samples sent for inspection are detected, and it is impossible to verify that the brand's products are environmentally friendly. . In comparison, it is more reassuring to show the environmental performance of the products of the sampling inspection manufacturers.

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