10 points when buying wooden furniture

Wooden furniture should have completeness and stability. When the two doors are opened 90 degrees, the hand can be gently pulled forward, and the cabinet can not be tilted forward automatically; the glass of the bookcase door should be edging; the mirror The back panel should be installed on the dresser and the glass mirror should be fixed with a bead.

1. The moisture content of the wood should be less than 13%. The wood that the insects are still eroding should not be used. The parts of the exterior and the items to be stored must not have a resin capsule.

2. Wood-based panel furniture should be edge-sealed, and there should be no fewer pieces, missing nails and nails when installing.

3. The size should meet the daily use requirements. For example, the seat height of the bench is 420 or 440mm; the width of the armchair is not less than 460mm; the space of the long coat of the wardrobe is not less than 1350mm; the space of the short coat is more than 850mm; the depth of the hanging space is not less than 500mm.

4. The surface of the plate (such as door panel, countertop, etc.) should be flat and must not have obvious warpage. Under normal circumstances, the length of the diagonal should not be less than 1400mm, and the allowable value of the warpage of the plate should not be less than 3mm.

5. The door and drawer switch should be flexible. When the drawer is pulled out by two-thirds, the sag should not be greater than 20 mm, and the swinging bottom should not be less than 15 mm.

6. Wooden furniture should be structurally strong and the frame should not be loose. It is not allowed to break and break. Do not buy the particle board. Don't buy furniture made with “three no” drawers that have no slots, no flaws, and no straps at the end.

7. Wooden furniture should have completeness and stability. When the two doors are opened 90 degrees, the hand can be gently pulled forward, and the cabinet can not be tilted forward automatically; the glass of the bookcase door should be edging. The mirror and dressing table are to be fitted with a back panel and the glass mirror is fixed with a bead.

8. When the panel is covered with thin wood and other materials, it is required to be tight and flat, and no glue, degumming or bubbling is allowed.

9. Furniture should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. Avoid bumping and scratching during handling; before loading and unloading clothes, level the cabinet first, so that the cabinet doors are evenly divided and flexible to open; the skirts and feet of the furniture should not be collided with wet mats; Do not use chemical brightener to wipe the dust. After dusting off, use a dry, damp cloth to gently wipe off the gloss. Newly purchased furniture should not be exposed to the sun, let alone near the heater. Wood moisture content changes too much and causes furniture deformation.

10. The surface of the furniture should be flat and bright, the color of the unit or set of products should be similar, and the paint film on the surface of the product should not be wrinkled, sticky or leaky. The interior of the product and other painted parts should be kept clean.

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