Home enterprises get together ipo new concept to lead the transformation of the home industry

Known as the most stringent IPO "counterfeiting storm" in history, although the spot checks of the first batch of 30 IPO companies have not yet ended, Tianfeng Energy has been investigated for fictitious income. As more IPO companies suspend censorship, terminate censorship, and even be investigated, the market is increasingly concerned about the progress of IPO companies and the company itself. From today, this newspaper will sort out the operating results and industry prospects of the proposed IPO companies from the perspective of the industry.

There is a reason to pay attention to the home furnishing industry. For an industry with more than 20 listed companies so far, there are 21 listed companies waiting to be queued for trial, which is particularly outstanding in hundreds of IPO companies in trial. garish.

From the perspective of the distribution of sub-sectors, kitchen and bathroom supplies companies include Xiamen Ruierte Sanitary Ware, Guangdong Songfa Ceramics, Sichuan Emperor Sanitary Ware, Guangdong Lingfeng Group, and Hunan Hualian Porcelain 5; in terms of home decoration, there are Suzhou Kelida and East. Yi Risheng Home, Zhejiang Youbang Integrated Ceiling, Kangxin Design Engineering, Guangdong Dinggu Jiechuang Home, Shanghai Quanzhu Building Decoration Group 6; furniture, Qumei Furniture, Haolaike Creative Home, Yongyi Furniture, China There are 4 Yuanxuan furniture; small appliances, there are 4 Sky Electric, Xinbao Electric, Jinlaite Electric, and Ruifeng Audio Technology.

As the home store chain, Red Star Macalline Home Group is very special in the IPO queue, because there is no listed company in China at present. In addition, Hunan loves home textiles, and as the only home textile company, it is also unique. Judging from the proposed listing, the 21 home furnishing companies are all planning to land on the main board market. Among them, 19 are planned to be listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and 2 are planned to be listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Judging from the preliminary self-examination results of this financial verification operation, 16 of the 21 companies submitted self-inspection reports as scheduled before March 31, and only 5 companies failed to submit financial self-inspection results in time. The temporary suspension of the review was selected by Guangdong Dinggu Jichuang Home, Shanghai Quanzhu Building Decoration Group, Shenzhen Huayuanxuan Furniture, Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology, and Hunan Hualian Porcelain.

21 home waiting companies are planning to land on the main board, and the main board has no hard conditions for performance decline. Therefore, unless there is significant performance uncertainty and other issue conditions, the company will not easily revoke the materials. The reason why the above five companies choose to "suspend the review" is that there are two possibilities, or that the financial verification of the enterprise takes a long time, it is indeed the future delivery, or there is indeed a major problem that cannot be justified.

It is worth noting that the four companies, Dongyi Risheng Home Decoration Group, Xinbao Electric Appliances, Zhejiang Youbang Integrated Ceiling, and Jinlaite Electric Appliances, have successively passed the audit of the Board of Auditors, and only received the approval of the issuance. However, in the footsteps of the IPO, these four companies have experienced nearly a year of hardships, etc., and there is no clear timetable for the IPO restart, and the IPO journey is still unknown.

According to analysts, the current home-based enterprises that have been listed on the A-share market are mostly concentrated in the traditional home textile, kitchen, home, and building materials sectors, but home is an imaginative concept, especially in the modern consumer system, its potential market capacity. , causing major home furnishing companies to compete for chase. Judging from the 21 home furnishing companies currently lining up, the home furnishing industry has presented a new form of competition. Innovation and change seem to be more important to market participants than expanding market share and capacity expansion.

Red Star Macalline is a model of business model innovation, the industry is wholesale and retail, but some people classify it as commercial real estate, or home distribution channels, no matter what the statement, if Red Star Macalline sprint IPO Success will become the “first share” of domestic home stores. In fact, before the IPO declaration, this innovation has been recognized by many PE institutions, including Huaping Investment Group, CITIC Industry Fund, Fosun Group and Bohai Industrial Fund.

Skyline Electric is innovative in marketing concept, specializing in research and development, production and sales of small household electrical appliances, electronic products, medical devices, emphasizing the concept of "health" from product materials and marketing, and cultivating the essence of Chinese health food culture and traditional small household appliances. The industry is effectively integrated. Under the environment of Chinese consumers pursuing exquisite life and healthy life, Sky Electric will also have the opportunity to get the favor of the capital market.

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