Biodegradable packaging film

This packaging film contains a biodegradable base film, a print layer containing a biodegradable adhesive, and a surface coating to prevent thermal adhesion. For packaging purposes, the edges of the film are heat sealed to make it into a bag or a cartridge. The base film is a paper sheet and can be used in folding or crimping packages. The print layer and coating are sulfonate-containing aromatic polyesters. For example, a polylactic acid film is printed with an ink containing propiolactone-glycerol copolymer, and a heat-sealing strength is obtained by coating a composition containing propiolactone-glycerol copolymer and nitrocellulose onto a printing surface. .40 N/15 mm packaging film.

Cardboard Rotating Display Stand

the beauty of the people, all want to have a dress for their skin care cosmetics, the Rotating Display Stand can rotate, is your best choice, it can bring you your mood.

The advantage of rotating Display Stand
Easy to assemble 
Durable, portable
Original design, color printing
100% quality ensured 

Cardboard Rotating Display Stand

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