"Length" and "Shortness" of Flexo Printing and Flexo Printing (middle)

Flexographic printing features

Internationally, flexo printing is considered to be an era when the economy is in a low period and environmental protection and resource conservation are valued. It will be widely used in the printing of cartons of various types, small batches, short-cycle, low-cost carton boxes. Kind of printing method.

(a) The flexographic printing press has the following features:

1. Green printing; 2. High speed and low plate speed; 3. High printing speed, low mechanical price; 4. Excellent continuous processing function; 5. The print covers a wide area. These five characteristics make flexographic printing and other high-tech printing forms, such as digital printing, currently evolving.

(B) The characteristics of flexographic printing:

1. Excellent printing quality Flexo printing features the three printing processes of plain, concave, and convex printing in the aspects of pre-press film production, supply methods, and printing methods. Printing can be up to 150 lines, 6-8 colors, or more. Multi-color high-precision color prints are easy. The ink layer thickness of printed matter makes the product rich in layers and vivid colors, which is especially suitable for packaging and printing requirements.

2. Adaptable to a wide range of printing materials Flexo printing can print smooth, flat, absorbent paper. Can be printed with rough surface, obvious concave and convex corrugated paper, textiles; can be printed on the surface of non-elastic ceramics, glass and wood, etc.; can also be printed without absorption of plastic, glass paper, aluminum foil products. For this reason, flexographic printing products have a wide range of adaptation.

3. Low energy consumption and high production efficiency Flexo printing equipment usually uses reel type materials, the width can be as narrow as 2.5 cm, width to several meters; multi-color printing from double-sided to coating, laminating, hot stamping, die cutting , Discard, rewind, or cut and other processes are completed one at a time. Therefore, the flexographic printing method can greatly shorten the printing cycle, reduce energy consumption, and reduce costs, allowing users to occupy an advantage in a highly competitive market.

4. Easy to operate and repair The structure of the flexographic printing press is relatively simple compared with other printing machines, so it is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

5-Low loss, short cycle, high efficiency Printing cost Flexo printing is 15% lower than offset printing; paper consumption, flexographic printing paper rejection rate is 1%; and offset printing is 5%; in addition, flexographic printing presses are used for printing and molding. Cutting, polishing and other functions in one machine, corrugated box production process than offset printing 2-3, and offset printing machine also need to be equipped with back machine, die-cutting machine, polishing machine and other equipment, increased investment; printing Cycle: The amount of work completed in 2-3 days for flexo printing, and offset printing takes 7-8 days to complete, greatly shortening the production cycle, reducing production costs and increasing economic benefits.

6. The noise is small and the non-polluting flexographic printing press has a simple structure, and the noise of the transmission mechanism is small; the use of water quality ink has no pollution to the environment.

7. There is no ink flying phenomenon. Because the use of water quality ink for flexographic printing does not pollute the environment, and with a reverse squeegee, it will not produce ink flying. After printing, the surface of the box will not fade, and will not deink.

8. Good cardboard stiffness, strong compressive bearing pressure Due to the use of corrugated cardboard for flexographic printing, after high temperature processing and hot glue bonding, the compressive strength is significantly better than that of offset cold glue compound, and the surface of the carton is UV varnish, which is resistant to abrasion. Dirty, moisture-proof function.

Although the flexographic printing press has a simpler structure than offset printing, there are many variations involved in flexo printing. Plates, anilox rollers, inks, embossing structures, printing rollers, etc. influence and restrict each other throughout the flexographic printing process. Therefore, flexographic printing is a technology with a high technological content. The practitioner must master the relevant knowledge from the pre-press plate making process to the printing process.

In addition, offset printing, gravure printing as a relatively mature printing process, in the entire process, there are already a number of recognized standards developed by the industrial countries can follow. Flexo printing in the entire process, there is no universal guidelines, parameters or The guiding process specification guides the flexographic printing, thus resulting in a situation where it is difficult to control the quality of flexo printing.

(to be continued)

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