Cartridge Consumables Usage Tips

In the era of laser printing products entering millions of households and all walks of life, everyone said that laser printers can be a bit unaffordable to buy. About 2,000 optical toner cartridges cost more than 500 yuan, not to mention paper. Introduce some experience for everyone today, teach everybody how to let the cartridge "consumables have a proper way" and the method of judging the merits of toner, for your reference only.

● supplies conscientious

After the laser printer prints a certain number of files (usually about 2000 sheets), the printer cannot print. The information displayed by the indicator light is that there is no toner, and you have to replace the toner cartridge. In fact, about 1/5 of the toner in the toner cartridge is not used up. In the past, the emergency experience was to remove the cartridge and shake it and then re-install the printer. Generally, it works.

In fact, there are toner holes on both sides of the toner cartridge. The printer uses these two holes to detect the toner. When the toner in the toner cartridge is used for a certain time, the powder in the cartridge cannot be used. Block the glass hole so that the toner-defective detector on one side of the machine receives the light from the other side. The printer judges that the toner has run out and stops printing. So just put a small glass on the toner cartridge. Holes are blocked by opaque things and can continue to be used. This can print more than two or three hundred pages, improve the utilization of the cartridge, if coupled with the vibration method, can effectively activate the dead toner!

●Discrimination of toner

In order to save costs, many enterprises and individuals have used compatible toner cartridges when using laser printers. Universal print cartridges can be said to meet the output requirements of laser printers in terms of print quality, but in some special cases, such as small words. Universal cartridges are also brand-name products, product quality is also guaranteed, although its price is slightly lower than the original cartridge, but some of the print number is lower than the original cartridge, so the overall printing costs and the original cartridge is similar.

Although the quality of laser printers depends primarily on the resolution of the laser printer, it is also directly related to the size of the toner particles. With a print accuracy of 1200 dpi, if the toner particles are larger than 1/1200 inch, not only the print accuracy of 1200 dpi cannot be achieved, but also, during the fixing, the overlapping of the toner particles that are melted is not uniform, which largely affects the print quality. It is impossible to judge the quality from the appearance of the cartridge. One way to judge the quality of the toner is to use a laser printer to print a black proof sheet, aiming at the light to see if the black distribution is uniform.

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