Introduction of non-woven printing methods in three major markets

Non-woven bags generally use screen printing technology, which is often referred to as "silkscreen", which has always been a common printing process for many manufacturers. Manual printing is usually done, but as the customers' fine print and environmental protection requirements continue to increase, many new non-woven printing methods have emerged. Here we introduce some of the mainstream types currently on the market:

One, watermark

Because of its use of water-based mortar as a print medium named after the textile printing is more common, also known as printing. The color paste and the water-based elastomer glue are blended during printing. The printing plate does not use chemical solvents and can be washed directly with water. It is characterized by good coloring power, strong hiding power and fastness, and resistance to washing, basically no odor.

Second, gravure printing

Finished products processed by this method are usually called non-woven non-woven bags. This process is divided into two steps, namely, the traditional gravure printing process is used to print the graphic on the film, and then the film with the printed pattern is compounded on the non-woven fabric by the lamination process. This process is generally used for non-woven bags with large area color pattern printing. It is characterized by exquisite printing, full machine production, and short production cycle. In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of the finished product is also better than non-woven bags produced by other processes. The film is available in bright and matte, matte with a matte effect! The disadvantage is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection, because the film is difficult to degrade.

Third, thermal transfer

Thermal transfer is a special type of printing in printing! This method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the image is first printed on a thermal transfer film or a thermal transfer paper, and the pattern is transferred to the non-woven fabric by heating the transfer device. The medium commonly used in textile printing is a thermal transfer film. Its advantages are: exquisite printing, rich hierarchical edition, comparable to photos. Suitable for small area color image printing. The disadvantages are high prices and high printing costs.

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