How about boss electrical appliances

About smoke machine

sunkun0110: Praise, the things are so good ~ the boss's big brand can actually buy such a beautiful smoke machine and stove for 3000 yuan. Full score, will recommend it to colleagues, buy boss electrical appliances on this site is really worth it! Especially the customer service Xixi service is very attentive ~

Jedrekly: The fume exhaust is clean and worthy of being the boss. The operation is convenient and fast, and the noise is very easy to use. I will buy the boss next time. I highly recommend it!

The past is like a dream: I bought the boss's range hood and gas stove for home decoration. I feel that his things are beautiful and generous and practical. The relatives at home buy all of his brands. It took 7 or 8 years. Very good, so trust the products of his family, recommend that we go to buy, things are very good!

Qingdao Xiaox brother: I used 8210 for 2 years, and the effect is not bad! Some people say that the sound is a bit loud, but I do n’t think it ’s as exaggerated as they said, but the price is a little bit high. I bought more than 6000 at that time ~

Love Mango: It ’s an old brand. I remember that when I was in junior high school, there was a cooker hood. My family bought the boss ’s one. After so many years, the quality is very reliable. So my home decoration has always wanted to buy the boss's range hood.

liuyudong96: It is necessary to ask outside people to punch the 18 # hole when installing, if the manufacturer can punch holes. In addition, there is a hang-up point on the wall. I do n’t know how long it can support a machine of nearly 30KG. I am a little worried.

betty0320: The smoke machine is installed too short. I do n’t know if it ’s a problem with the installation or the standard configuration. For a tall man like us, it ’s a bit short. . .

About stove

Lemon Zi: This glass hood stove is really beautiful. The goods delivered are more beautiful than the pictures. Ha ha, it is absolutely good value for money.

Shanghai Mia: I have known the boss's appliances for a long time. Last time my mother's stove was broken. My friend recommended the boss's appliances. I bought a 9b26, which is very powerful. The cooking is fast, and the flame is the blue fire they introduced. This time at home After the decoration, they set up another company, and the customer service was very enthusiastic. After-sales service is really professional!

Not three or four days: big brands, quality is guaranteed! The exhaust air volume of the range hood is the largest among similar products, and the thermal efficiency of the stove is the highest. The price is expensive for a reason! After all, the main products are high-end products!

China Eastern: The boss gas stove is of good quality, fast ignition, and guaranteed after-sales. It took three months and the quality is very good. It is worthy of being the first brand of Chinese gas stove.

dolphin415: Very good, that is, the price is relatively high, I hope it's worth the money, it's useless, wait until the decoration is finished.

Mantis Xiaobing: Ignite everything is great, that is, the surface of the panel is too greasy to clean up, and the fire is also very positive.

t *** 3: The quality of 9B19 is very good, the function is in place, the workmanship is very fine, and the ignition is smooth. It is because the liquefied gas at home is not strong, and the master has adjusted it for a long time.

Call me iron egg brother: I have seen the 9 series gas stove in the boss's store. The main fire is really good. The burner can be removed. It is very convenient to clean up. It is indeed a green fire. The price is very good. satisfaction!

About the service

un161197: After-sales customer service is particularly responsible. Although it has not been installed, the purchase process is still very reassuring.

rainy_ling: The boss is very in place from pre-sales and after-sales, very formal, as long as they buy from regular channels, all have their invoices, the delivery is fast, the delivery staff is also very polite, and the installation can be done by calling the national hotline to make an appointment In general, it can be installed on site the next day. The free range hood is installed for free, and the gas stove is commissioned for free.

Feng *** 8: After-sales contact installation, said that it will come in two working days, but waited for five days, and I have n’t seen one. After contacting the after-sales, I gave a local after-sales phone and asked me to contact myself. I also contacted the local after-sales service. I heard that the attitude of buying online is obviously not very good. It also requires me to wait for 5 days before I may come to Ann. With such an attitude, the boss's head office should really be rectified. Promise to be serious.

t *** 2: First praise, the big brand things are really different, the appearance is very high-end, super high quality. Logistics is very fast, such large pieces are delivered to your door, and the service is home! Needless to say, the store's attitude is so tireless, I also recommend products that suit me. This shopping is very enjoyable, and I wish the store a wealth of money ...

skyjczx: Customer service is really in place. The original planned buyer is too. Because of the trust of the boss and the customer service, he finally bought all the kitchen appliances of the boss. The logistics is fast and very responsible. I received the invoice yesterday, you can contact the after-sales installation within two days, and then add an evaluation after use.

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