Creative appreciation: "Smart Wardrobe" is a family of people

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Now pay attention to the wardrobe is a smart, today Xiaobian introduces a "smart wardrobe" for everyone, but its "smart" is different from our ordinary sense of intelligence, intelligent to help you storage, intelligent lighting, Smart to help you pick clothes and so on, its intelligence is "closet into the gym."

Wardrobe design

If the cabinet is placed in the bedroom, there will be one hundred people in a hundred people who will unswervingly think that it is a small wardrobe that is not too big, but still very simple and beautiful. In fact, this is a gym suit, it is It is very suitable for a family of people who can't live for a long time. In fact, as long as the real house people know that the house people need good body, fitness is very important.

Creative wardrobe

No, open the cabinet and you can see that there is a hole in the sky.

Wardrobe design

It is not possible to put clothes inside, but full of equipment.

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