The bookcase in the home suddenly collapsed and the customer questioned the quality of IKEA

Ms. Zhu bought a bookcase at IKEA two years ago. On the afternoon of August 4, the bookcase suddenly collapsed and the boards were scattered. And the wooden board is full of honeycomb paper shells, she questioned the quality of the bookcases sold by IKEA. According to IKEA, the bookcase purchased by Ms. Zhang is such a design, not a quality problem.

Ms. Zhu introduced that the bookcase in the home was purchased from the IKEA Beijing store in 2011. "At the time, I felt that fashion was fashionable, and the brand of Yijia was also big, and the quality was good." Ms. Zhu said. On the afternoon of August 4, Ms. Zhu took her child to bend home and found that her red bookcase “suddenly collapsed, and after the fragmentation, the board was scattered.” Ms. Zhu said that the wooden boards that make up the bookcase are filled with particleboard not exceeding 3 cm. The particleboard and the three-sided plywood are glued. "The middle is actually a full honeycomb shell, not a cardboard shell."

Ms. Zhu believes that there is a quality problem with the bookcase, and then calls the IKEA customer service phone to complain, but this matter has not been resolved.

The staff of Beijing Yijia Furniture Co., Ltd. said that Ms. Zhu purchased the LACK library. Lack is one of the first products made of a rugged frame-on-frame structure. It is a structure of a paper product in which the outer frame is a wooden board and the honeycomb structure is filled inside. This design makes the Lack weight very light. Among the products sold by IKEA are the LACK series and the EXPEDIT series. The product has a maximum load capacity of 25 kg. “We hope that customers can read the information on the product price label and the product instructions before purchasing.”

Ms. Wang, a staff member of the IKEA Marketing Department, said that at present, IKEA Customer Service Department is in contact with Ms. Zhu. IKEA needs to arrange for the appraisal master to go to the door to identify the final solution. However, Ms. Zhu is still negotiating with her family to see if it is necessary to go to the door. "How will this matter be solved? We will actively follow up, but we are still waiting for customer response so far."

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