U.S. research Mars life instrument probe has taken shape

According to reports, the United States is preparing to study the Mars Life Detector, which will detect the existence of life on Mars billions of years ago. Researchers are developing an instrument to prepare for genetic material isolation when microbes are detected on Mars one day. The origin of life on earth, whether some microorganisms of Mars "fly" to multiply on the earth.

Because the previous results of Mars exploration showed that the planet was warm and humid billions of years ago, suitable for life. The "Exploration of Extraterrestrial Genomes" * (SETG) project team composed of researchers from MIT, Harvard University and other American universities firmly believes that if Mars ever existed, an asteroid would hit about 1 billion tons of rocks from the surface of Mars. The microbes may travel interplanetary with these rocks to reach the earth.

The prototype of Mars life analysis tool currently being developed by SETG project team is expected to come out in two years. If life is found on Mars, this instrument needs to do three things: isolate genetic material, amplify and detect deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and sort. After the advent of the life detection instrument, it will be taken to extreme environments such as Antarctica or the Atacama Desert in Chile to run on Mars. If the test is passed, the project team will start to manufacture finished products that will follow the aircraft to Mars exploration. The flight is expected to be in 2018 get on.

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