Easy to confuse the details of the redwood tree species

Brazilian rosewood, Indian red pear, high cotton pear and rosewood: These three kinds of wood are wood that is easy to mix with rosewood on the market. In fact, they are all Asian pears, not redwood. Rosewood is a kind of wood that pretends to be more on the market. It belongs to the genus Pterocarpus and can replace wood.

Burmese ebony, Kalimantan and striped ebony: These two kinds of wood are often used in the market to mix striped ebony, as they also have black stripes. Striped ebony is more black with more stripes and less white stripes. These two kinds of wood are more white stripes.

White rosewood and scented rosewood: There is no "white rosewood" in the national standard of "Redwood". It is only an irregular name for the red rosewood with lighter colors and poorer materials. These woods are often pretending to be fragrant Dalbergia (Huanghua Pear) after being "make-up". The fragrant yellow sandalwood emits a fragrance, and the white rosewood gives off a sour taste.

Red iron beans and red rosewood: Red iron pigeon beans are commonly known as red sandalwood and African red rosewood. Some consumers often mistakenly buy red iron pigeon beans as red rosewood furniture, and after testing by experts, they found that they are all red iron beans. The difference between the two is that the red iron pigeonpea has a finer texture and a small brown eye.

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The ebony is mixed with red sandalwood: the scientific name of the ebony is Côte d'Ivoire. The wood performance is similar to that of red sandalwood, the color is light yellow, the stripes are more, and the material is crisper than the red sandalwood.

African chicken wing wood posing as Burmese chicken wing wood: African hen wings are often used in the market to impersonate Burmese chicken wing wood. The price of Burmese chicken wing wood is about twice that of African chicken wing wood, and the price gap is relatively large. How do consumers identify two different materials? First, looking at the finish, Myanmar chicken wings are smooth and delicate, and African chicken wing wood is rough. Second, the weight is greater than the density of Burmese chicken wing wood than African chicken wing wood. The third is to look at the furniture style. There are few large pieces of Burmese chicken wing wood. They can only be used for chairs and several types of small pieces of furniture. The diameter of African chicken wing wood raw materials is relatively large, and it can be used for large cabinets and Arhat beds.

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