Flue Gas Preprocessor Manual

The ET3900 flue gas pretreatment instrument is composed of a heat tracing sampling gun, a heat tracing tube and a rapid condensation host. The heat tracing sampling gun with a filter can transform the damp and hot flue gas into clean high-temperature flue gas. The heat tracing tube keeps the water vapor from condensing. To avoid the SO2 in the flue gas transmission process waiting for the loss of analysis components, rapid condensation allows rapid separation of gas and liquid, and reduces the flue gas to normal temperature, suitable for analysis.

  • Sharp to cut or scrape away dead cuticle on one end
  • Curved flat end perfectly pushes the skin back flawlessly

  • Durable metal resists wear and tarnish; easy sterilization
    • Professional remove dead skin
    • Great for professional or home use
    The comfortable texture created by high-quality workmanship as well as the sparkling look formed by the rainbow-colored paint,plus the nice tin storage box,make this cuticle trimmer/ manicure tools set a great gift to your friends or lovers.

Cuticle Remover Pusher

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