Technology changes life, wearable and smart clothing collide with sparks

The business community reported on March 11th that technology has changed life without a fake. The ubiquitous technology in life makes people's living water rise steadily. On the same day, wearable devices are already in flames and are gradually becoming integrated into life. In addition to smart bracelets and smart watches, smart clothing is slowly heating up. Shenbo CEO Shen Bo believes that the real wearable device, this product is embedded in the shoes, inside the clothes. Although this is not the same as our common wearables, it makes technology change life. And, now that there are some smart clothes on the market, let's take a look at these smart clothes that seem odd now.

Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo and material developer Toray have developed a nanofiber smart garment that can measure your blood pressure and heart rate. It can detect your heart rhythm and blood pressure. This is Hitoe. Hitoe uses nanofibers coated with sensing materials, sticks to the body, and seamlessly transfers data to your phone.

In addition, pajamas and a small hat have been introduced, all of which can be machine washed directly.

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