Functional characteristics and maintenance of electric thermostatic water tank

Functional characteristics and maintenance of Shanghai Bilang electric constant temperature water tank

1. Electric thermostatic water tank function: widely used for drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents, impregnation of medicines and biological products, can also be used for water bath constant temperature heating and other temperature tests , Hygiene, biochemical laboratory, analysis room education and scientific research essential tools.

2. Main features of electric heating constant temperature water tank:

● Large screen LCD display.

● Microcomputer control, with over temperature alarm function.

● Front rotary button water release valve.

● Choose stainless steel in the working room, which has excellent corrosion resistance.

● Precise temperature control, digital display, automatic temperature control.

● Easy to operate and safe to use.

● The temperature control system uses a microcomputer chip processor, and the temperature control accuracy is high.

3. Maintenance of electric thermostatic water tank:

1. Turn off the power after use.

2. The inside and outside of the box should always be kept neat and tidy.

3. If it is found that the instruction light is not on, turn off the power first, pull out the plug and disassemble the plug on the right side, such as a fuse or indicator bulb damage

If it is broken, it can be replaced with the same specifications.

4. In case of malfunction of constant temperature control, it means that the sensor on the controller is malfunctioning, and it can be used after replacement.

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