How many points does a woman have to make your makeup look in his heart?

In fact, what kind of makeup do men usually like? Let's take a look at the results of the survey below.

How much is your makeup in his heart?

First, men feel the sexiest lips

The first lip that looks very moist after applying lip gloss 64.5%

The second place is painted with pink or nude colored lips 23.5%

Third place red lips 9%

The fourth place is not painted lips 2.5%

The fifth place is very good to jump TONE's fluorescent lips 0.5%

How much is your makeup in his heart?

Second, men most want girlfriend's hairstyle

First long curly hair 41.5%

The second long straight hair 39.5%

The third short hair 11.5%

The fourth highest short hair 5%

Fifth place explosion head 2.5%

How much is your makeup in his heart?

Third, men's favorite skin type

First place milk skin 66%

Second place wheat skin 15%

Third place intermediate skin 11%

The fourth place has a reddish cheek, and the skin looks good. 5.5%

The fifth place has freckles that look like a man's skin 2.5%

How much is your makeup in his heart?

Fourth, the favorite eye makeup

First place black eyeliner 42.5%

The second place is Su Yan's eyes 25.5%

The third eye with curled mascara 21%

Fourth place smoky makeup 8.5%

The fifth place has a strong color such as blue yellow, 2.5% eye makeup

54% think that relatively heavy makeup is not as good as plain

How much is your makeup in his heart?

Fifth, the favorite type of makeup

The first place is slightly whiter than the original skin color 38.5%

The second place only wipes BB cream makeup 35%

The third place rubs some blush to look good with a bloody look 18.5%

The fourth place gives a look that looks very complete 5%

The fifth place is completely 3%

How much is your makeup in his heart?

Sixth, the most disgusting female makeup

First white super white makeup 48%

The second dark lipstick painted the mouth as 19% as the lard

Third place rich eye makeup 12.5%

The fourth eye makeup with a very clear eyeliner 10.5%

The fifth cheek is painted like the red 10% of the monkey's buttocks.

How many points does your makeup have in the eyes of a man? Of course, the results of the survey are not necessarily the eyes of your man, only for reference. >>>Foundation Raiders to create beautiful America

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