Longjiang Furniture "two exhibitions" will be held next Monday

Recently, the reporter learned from the Longjiang Town Government of Shunde District that the 27th International Dragon Furniture Exhibition and the 17th Asian International Furniture Materials Expo will be held at the Longjiang Qianjin Furniture Exhibition Center and Asian International Furniture from March 17th to 20th. The Materials Trading Center is held. The Dragon Furniture Fair will continue to open a furniture e-commerce procurement area and hold the “Dragon” furniture creative design competition; while the Asian International Furniture Materials Expo held in the same period will set up eight professional exhibition areas, and the painting robot will also be unveiled.

Furniture e-commerce procurement area

"According to the statistics of the current appointments to the visitors, this year's exhibition will have 85,000 professional buyers from all over the world to visit and purchase." According to Liu Tanchu, general manager of Longjiang Qianjin Furniture Exhibition Center, this year's Dragon Furniture Exhibition has a total of exhibitors. 420 houses are divided into civil exhibition areas, office exhibition areas, material exhibition areas, e-commerce docking areas, and dragon furniture design competitions.

In view of the rapid development of China's online shopping market and the increasingly perfect online shopping environment, this year's Longjia Exhibition also continues to open a furniture e-commerce procurement area. “We will build the only furniture e-commerce procurement platform in the national exhibition and open up new sales channels for furniture manufacturers.”

Spraying the robot to one

The 17th Asian International Furniture Materials Expo held in the same period will be equipped with furniture covering materials area, furniture hardware accessories area, office furniture accessories area, furniture base area, automatic production equipment area, furniture chemical material area, Eight professional exhibition areas, including packaging materials area, new materials and new product exhibition areas.

It is worth noting that in addition to a large number of brand companies participating in the expo, there will be a mysterious guest debut at the material exhibition, which is the painting robot. It is understood that the painting robot can replace the manual, safely and efficiently complete a variety of spraying operations. "Under the same conditions, the amount of work done by a robot is equivalent to ten workers."

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