Graphene nano-driven new production process development

China Science and Technology Network News The team of researchers from the Noble Neil Institute has successfully developed new technologies for the production of graphene nanoribbons after eight years of collaborative research. Graphene's unique physical properties make it an ideal material for electronic devices. This technology paves the way for the preparation of a new generation of nanoelectronic components. The results of this study were published in the November 18th issue of Nature Physics.

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, has high chemical stability, and has a higher thermal conductivity than carbon nanotubes and diamond, higher electron mobility than carbon nanotubes or silicon crystals at room temperature, The physical properties such as resistivity lower than copper or silver have become an important candidate material for the preparation of a new generation of nanoelectronic components with lower power consumption and higher speed. In 2004, André Heim and Konstantin Novoselov, physicists at the University of Manchester, UK, successfully isolated graphene from graphite, thus confirming that graphene can exist alone, and the two also have The groundbreaking experiment of dimensional graphene materials "jointly won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. For more than ten years, researchers from various countries have conducted a lot of research work on graphene, trying to develop an efficient and controllable technology for preparing graphene nanoribbons.

Based on the research results of the French SOLEIL synchrotron X-ray and other experiments, the French-American scientific team successfully developed a method for producing graphene nanoribbon semiconductors. Researchers etched grooves on the surface of silicon carbide and used this as a substrate to form graphene nanoribbons with a width of only a few nanometers by controlling the geometry of the substrate.

The technology can be carried out at room temperature, and the graphene semiconductor prepared by it is only one-fifth of the width of the nanobelt made by IBM. This technology can efficiently and controllably prepare graphene semiconductors, which brings the possibility of large-scale industrial production of graphene, and also makes the preparation of a new generation of high-density integrated circuits no longer out of reach.

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