How to adjust the sensitivity of the electronic balance

Under normal circumstances, the electronic balance can complete the adjustment and calibration of the sensitivity of the electronic balance through the internal calibration button or the external calibration. Due to overhaul, etc., when the internal calibration weight value of the electronic balance is inaccurate, the internal calibration weight value should be rewritten, that is, the sensitivity of the debugging balance (should have a high precision standard weight).

Generally, it should be carried out from the following steps:

1. The balance should be adjusted to the level and the balance's program switch should be turned on.

2. Turn on the balance and make the balance display the zero position stably.

3. Press and hold the tare key and the balance displays "BUSYCAL and value (adjustment weight value)".

4. Put an adjustment weight equal to the value shown on the third point on the balance pan. The adjustment weight should be less than 2% of the error. If the deviation is too high, a "positive sign" or "negative sign" will be displayed on the display. "Positive sign" means to increase the weight value; on the contrary, "negative sign" to reduce the weight value, the balance displays "BUSYCAL" and the adjustment weight value.

5. Wait for the "g" symbol to appear on the balance display and be accompanied by an acoustic signal.

6. Remove the adjustment weight and the balance will show the zero position later.

7. Turn off the balance, the display shows "STANDBY".

8. Press the "CAL" key with one hand and the key with the other hand, the balance will display until "CH4".

9. Press the tare button again, the balance displays "CH4CAL".

10. Release the "CAL" key, the balance displays "BUSYGAL" and "0.0000g".

11. The balance displays "0.0000gCAL"

12. Press the "CAL" key once and the balance displays "BUSYCALC".

13. Wait for "BUSYCALCC" to display.

14. Wait for the balance to show zero.

15. If the balance newly installs a parameter "EEPROM" memory, repeat steps 12 to 14 again.

16. Bring up page 4 of the balance program and the display shows "41A or 42" in a loop.

17. When the program code 42 appears on the display, press the balance tare button once to set the balance setting program to "42 â–²".

18. When the last digit of the program code is zero, press the tare key to restore the balance to the zero position of the weighing program.

19. Return the balance's program switch to the locked position.

Note that if there is no external calibration weight with extremely high accuracy, please do not do this work, otherwise the stored data will be lost and affect the accuracy of the balance.

The following is a picture of the European Redwell electronic balance

How to adjust the sensitivity of the electronic balance

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