RSI ID Launches 9.9 Cent Gen 2 Item-Level Tag

The company's new EPC RFID tag application targets pharmaceuticals and other small items.

RFID system integrators and inlay manufacturer RSI ID Technologies have introduced two new item-level Gen 2 EPC RFID tags. When the order quantity exceeds one million, their average price is as low as 9.9 cents.

The company believes that even if it is pasted on top of high-value pharmaceuticals, low prices are still very necessary for RFID tags. Moreover, their new tags will help stimulate widespread use of item-level tags. Tawnya Clark, RSI’s vice president of marketing, said, “Every application is price-sensitive as far as item-level tags are concerned.”

In Chula Vista, Calif., the company's report points out that the smaller size of this new tag helps reduce costs compared to the company's larger, more expensive branded applications for packaging and pallets. In September last year, RSI ID announced that it is selling 4x6-inch printable smart tags with EPC Gen 2 inlays. When the number is one million, the average price is 14.9 cents each. (Related reports: RSI id announced that it will provide a gen 2 tag of less than 15 cents.) Since then, the company has pointed out that this price has decreased slightly.

In addition, RSI ID said that a new product line deployed in the past few weeks will enable the company to produce two new iTrack trademarks - while also producing two larger item-level tags that have already been introduced - new The products on the production line can be made cheaper. According to reports, this new production line will increase RSI's production capacity to 33 billion RFID tags each year.

The new EPC Gen 2 iTrack tag uses Impini's 96-bit Gen2 chip, which is approximately 9mm in diameter. The smallest button-type label is designed for pharmaceuticals, small bottles, electronic passports and other small items. Another kind of label, folder type, has the same application. Both RFID tags have near-field reading distances.

The new low-price tag for RSI ID was launched within days of the announcement of Israel’s RFID system maker SmartCode. The announcement said it will supply its customers with inlays of Gen 2 RFID with an average price of 5 cents when ordering more than 100 million (see SmartCode's 5-cent EPC label). However, SmartCode's inlays need to be first converted into printable labels that can be applied to the box or converted into a "wet inlays" (adhesive non-printable labels). Any kind of treatment will increase the cost of this conversion to the end user.

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