Tai Shang jelly can suck hose packaging

At the moment, hoses are used more and more widely. The packaging of non-solid condiments such as condensed milk and mustard has long used this technology, and the diversified development of jelly packaging has made new breakthroughs in hose packaging technology. The traditional concept is that hoses are relatively low-grade, and it is even more difficult to use them if they use transparent, colorless packaging. For foods, the direct-contact plastic packaging should be suitable for the purpose of satisfying human health needs. Transparent and colorless.

To solve this problem, the assorted fruits and jelly products produced by Shanghai Taishang Foods Co., Ltd. adopt a multi-layered pattern from the innermost colorless transparent packaging, the middle-level independent column packaging, and the translucent outer packaging. Emphasizing the middle packaging design, the main colors of orange and pink are used to draw a variety of fruit patterns. Through the transparent part of the outer packaging, you can see the wonderful design of the middle packaging, as if you have visually realized that the innermost layer is exceptional Sweet and smooth fruit delicious.

The cost of such composite packaging is not high, but also makes up for the lack of a single hose package, so compared with the development of new packaging materials, packaging design is also worth the effort. In addition, the design has a strong humanistic care. Compared to the blocky jelly that is easily swallowed by children with the box, this kind of smoking method is very safe and enables consumers to feel comfortable buying and eating.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging

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