Scratching speed and printing quality

The scraper's squeegee speed has a lot to do with the printing effect. The plate displaces the ink evenly during squeegeeing and ensures that the entire graphic portion passes evenly through the ink. Therefore, the squeegee speed has a certain influence on the amount of ink transferred and the uniformity of the ink transfer, and thus has a great influence on the printing quality.

Due to the different substrates, the squeegee speed is also different. However, regardless of the texture of the substrate, the squeegee should be kept as even as possible. If the speed of the squeegee is not uniform, the squeegee will be printed on the substrate. If the squeegee is printed at a uniform speed, the moving speed is too slow, and the ink will penetrate through the edges of the image, causing the image to expand. On the contrary, if the speed is too fast, there will be insufficient ink in the graphic part and the ink color is too light. Therefore, during printing, especially during manual printing, the appropriate squeegee speed should be determined through experiments.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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